Awesome Features

Tracki comes with rich features to give you the location and movement awareness.
Add Buddy
Accept and Send Buddy Requests to build your community.
Assign Task
Assign tasks in real time to your buddies.
Track Location
Real time location insights, geo fence alerts.
Battery Efficient
Reduced battery drainage of less than 2% in a work day.
Driving Behaviour Alerts
Monitor driving patterns in real time.
Timeline View
Get hold of buddy activities in a simple timeline view.
How it Works
Efficient App Based Tracking for real time location and movement insights. Track your friends for efficient planning for leisure trips, track your workforce for better business needs and track your family to remain tension free.
Tracking Events Captured
Visits tracked month
KMs Tracked
Experience Tracking
on the move!
App based tracking that just works. Get Real Time Location Insights, Driver Behavior Monitoring.
  • Manage your chauffeur for driving patterns and tracking.
  • Manage your workforce for real time insights.
  • Keep your family and friends updated on your whereabouts.
Get in Touch
Experience Awesomeness in Location, Movement and Audit use cases. If you are an enterprise and have any custom use cases for us to cater or if you are experiencing issues in using our service or wanted to explore in general, get in touch with us.
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Building a tracking community
Experience tracking on the move. Build network of your friends and family and know their whereabouts in real time using the Tracki App.
Track for real time location updates, get updates on driving behavior for Overspeed Alerts, Harsh Brake, Aggressive Acceleration, Harsh Cornering, Excessive Idle scenarios. Secured data storage, you control who can view your tracking data.
App Based Tracking
Track your family, friends, employee's with the convenience of mobile app. Realtime Tracking products, auditing and alerts. No setup required, just download the app and you are good to go. RocketFlyer has developed plethora of products and features around tracking which enables:
Location Tracking : Real Time tracking of location for users through their mobile app. Create Geo-Fences and get notifications when user enters locations.
Movement Tracking : Using mobile app get alerts for driver behaviors. Get alerts for Over speeding, Over Stopping, Harsh Braking, Aggressive Acceleration, Harsh Cornering, Intentional Slow driving etc.
Audit Aware : Get Notifications when your employees / field force does an intentional phone switch off, intentional battery removals, tampering the phone, switch on/off mobile data and airplane mode.